If you need a dog trainer, LOOK NO FURTHER!! Do yourself a favor a do not waste your money on an expensive training facility, you will get far better results with Taylor for a much better price! We took our puppy to a training facility where they kept her and “trained” her for 10 days, but there didn’t seem to be much of a difference. After just the FIRST session with Taylor we saw a much bigger difference and our life with our puppy was VASTLY improved. We saw such a difference and continue to see amazing progress!! Taylor is the best dog trainer and we loved her training methods and she taught us and our pup so much!!

Kaelee Cale

Maggie | Golden Retriever | 5 Months Old


Taylor’s knowledge, skills and personal training style is extremely effective. She created a wonderful plan and the ability to train in our home was fantastic. Home is definitely where our dog, Teddy, is the most comfortable. That made it much easier for him to make great progress. Also, Taylor provided follow ups to each session that are detailed and provided us the directions we needed. We felt that we learned as much as Teddy and will continue to use the skills that we gained through training. We are extremely happy with the results and would highly recommend Taylor!

Shaun and Jenelle

Teddy | Terrier Mix | 6.5 Years Old


I met Taylor through the rescue organization where we both volunteer with. Initially, she had taught me quite a few things about training dogs and always just answered my curiosity questions, explaining things to me, how and why you train a dog certain commands, what you do with difficult dogs, etc. It was fun learning!

I would consider myself very dog savvy, but it wasn’t until I had a situation with my newly adopted dog that I lost all confidence, and a part of me was scared. Taylor reassured me that the situation was manageable with the right training, and she was correct! Her knowledge when it comes to dogs is incredible, no matter the breed, issue or non-issue! She knows how to evaluate them properly, what they need, what you, as an owner, need, and she takes that into much consideration.

Taylor has empowered me to work with my dog, and in the first few weeks, both my dog and I made incredible progress. She always answers questions and helps you navigate through difficulties with your dog, and if something doesn’t work, she has another method or work around! I truly enjoy working with Taylor and would recommend her to anyone in need of training. By working with Taylor, your dog’s behaviors will either form to what you want them to be, or if needed, they will improve drastically. As a result, you will feel the bond with your dog and your confidence strengthen!”

Claire Yakley

Harry | Golden Retriever | 2 Years Old


Taylor helped establish a solid foundation of training for our one year old rescue pup, Sonny. When we first brought Sonny home, he was afraid of the leash, refused to get into the car, and pulled on the leash while on walks.

Since working with Taylor, Sonny now sits and waits patiently while putting on his leash. He loves car rides and hops right into the car. He has also come a long way with pulling while being walked on his leash. Sonny loves Taylor and will roll over on his back for belly rubs when he sees her. He also knows when its time to get to work with her and will obey and follow her command.

Taylor is a true professional and takes her commitment to her clients very seriously. She offers creative solutions and sends thorough instructions to recap each training session. We would definitely recommend her services to anyone who is looking for a great dog trainer.

Amy and Jason Bodwell

Sonny | Golden Retriever | 1 Year Old


We rescued our dog from Adopt-a-Golden and were so lucky to be referred to Taylor Munson for our training needs. Taylor is a wonderful trainer who impressed us from the moment she stepped in our home and taught our dog “leave it” within the first 5 minutes.

She changed our lives when she taught our dog, Charlie, how to go to his room at the sound of our doorbell, so he would not jump on our guests. She was encouraging and available to us throughout our ups and downs over those first few months. Rescuing a dog is a rewarding yet challenging endeavor, and I truly felt that Taylor’s mission was to ensure that our rescue dog became the best family dog we could ever ask for. We will forever be grateful for the time Taylor spent with Charlie and our family.

Staci Libowsky

Charlie | Golden Retriever | 1 Year Old


Taylor is an incredible trainer! She really took the time to listen to my concerns, get to know my dog Kingsley, and then formulate a set of goals to help address his aggressive behavior.

Before training, Kingsley would bark incessantly, growl, or sometimes even bite strangers that came into my apartment. Taylor helped me create a system to follow every time a new visitor came by so that Kingsley would get a routine down. He began to understand that new people are associated with treats and that any growl/negative behavior towards the visitor would send him right back into his crate. I was able to successfully introduce a few new visitors into the apartment using this routine without a problem. Taylor was great at training me as an owner as well. She helped me see certain behaviors that I was doing that unknowingly reinforced bad behavior and also taught me what to do/say to people who may be more skittish around my dog because of his aggression (i.e. teach them to pet on the side of his body at first, never reach over his head or body). While Kingsley is still a work in progress, he’s made great strides from where he started, and I couldn’t have done it without Taylor!

Emily Johnston

Kingsley | Australian Shepherd | 3.5 Years Old


Taylor Munson is professional and knowledgeable. She comes ready and has great suggestions for any situation!

My bloodhound Echo was eating my house and jumping on everything! She is now happier, and so are we! It definitely takes time and a lot of consistency and work, but it’s well worth it. We’ll definitely be using her again as we grow and learn what we need. I would absolutely recommend her!

Lori Harber

Aspen and Echo | Pitbull/Boxer/Lab and Bloodhound | 4 Years and 4.5 Months Old


Taylor has trained both of our dogs.

When we adopted Murphy, Taylor had already put in a lot of time with him through Adopt a Golden Atlanta. He was extremely high energy and was described as a “hurricane on a leash”. She came to our house and worked with “us” (training is also for the owners) to learn how to manage each other. We implemented Taylor’s instructions into daily activities with Murphy.

It wasn’t easy, but eventually, we were rewarded with a calmer, sweet dog. Our second dog, Annie, started training at 4 months with Taylor. She was fantastic with Annie. Annie is now 9 months old and still learning and we are using Taylor’s advice in Annie’s daily activities. We take both dogs to the beach on vacations and out to eat at dog-friendly restaurants. We receive compliments on their good behavior, and I feel that Taylor’s training is a huge factor in the reception we get.”

Linda and Adam Dreyer

Murphy and Annie | Golden Retrievers | 2.5 Years and 4 Months Old


Before meeting with our family the first time, Taylor invited us to discuss the type of training services we wanted. We initially sought Taylor out to her for puppy training for Zoe, but we quickly realized that Titan could use some enhancements in her skills.

Taylor approached our sessions based on what we wanted to accomplish, and taught all of us valuable skills. We really enjoyed her session re-caps to remind us of what we had learned. Taylor is strengths-based and helps keep humans and dogs motivated. The whole family looked forward to our sessions! Taylor is wonderful with dogs and humans and we highly recommend her services to anyone looking to tackle a specific behavioral challenge and/or to simply teach good manners.

Titan and Zoe | Mix-Breed and Golden Retriever | 10.5 Years and 1 Year Old

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Whether you’re embarrassed by how your dog greets your guests or how they pull you while on the leash, it is never too late to get started on your dogs training and to teach the behaviors you want!