Owner & Dog Trainer


When I was eight, my mom enrolled me in the 4H Dog Training curriculum. This one decision set me on the path of where I am today. While in 4H, I learned the basics of caring for canines. I learned how to identify breeds, keep a dog healthy and groomed, and how to train a dog. I focused on agility, showmanship, and obedience while competing in county and state fairs until I was 18. In addition to 4H, when I turned 10, I began training and competing in the American Kennel Club (AKC) in Agility, Showmanship, Obedience, confirmation and Rally. Competing in the AKC is something I still do to this day with my dogs.
In 2015, my husband and I moved to Atlanta. I ran the Training and Behavioral team at one of the largest Golden Retriever rescue organizations in the Southeast, which rescues Goldens from Istanbul and the United States. I focused on dogs that were “unadoptable” due to behavioral issues. My purpose was to build the confidence and training of these dogs to a point where they could get placed into a foster home and ultimately adopted into their forever home. During this same time, I volunteered my knowledge to other rescue organizations along the east coast, advising how to handle high-risk dogs. Rescue dogs will always have a special place in my heart because they are often overlooked yet have the same potential as any other animal. Soon, owners who adopted the dogs I had trained began reaching out to me to continue the training that was started when the dog was part of the rescue organization. They wanted to ensure the dog was set up for success, and I wanted to lower the return rate of rescue dogs.  It was during this time that Proper Paws was born in 2017, with a focus on helping owners understand and connect with their newly adopted dogs. My husband and I moved to Utah in 2019, bringing the Proper Paws vision with us.  I now work within the community to help owners and their dogs by providing private in-home training and group training opportunities while also working virtually with owners across the country and internationally. I genuinely believe in the bond and relationship you build with your dog through training. This bond is why I work with owners to teach them how to train their dogs with hands-on instructions, allowing them to build that bond and respect with their dogs by learning how to work alongside each other! This bond is the cornerstone of my training methodology and why I strive to teach each owner how to train their dog themselves!



Whether you’re embarrassed by how your dog greets your guests or how they pull you while on the leash, it is never too late to get started on your dogs training and to teach the behaviors you want!

Watch Taylor’s Training in Action

Taylor has trained multiple dogs for agility and obedience competitions. Click the video below to watch her and Dash.

Advanced Rally | AKC Competition