The Proper Paws Training Process

Bond Through Training

Well-behaved and respectful pets trust their owners. I am committed to solidifying the bond and respect between you and your pup. I will give you the tools you need to improve behaviors, practice strength exercises, and build trust after the sessions end.

Positive Reinforcement

Using positive reinforcement and choice-based training, your dog thinks through the task at hand and learns from the choices he or she makes. There is no physical punishment like shoving, pushing, or manipulation.

If your pup makes the wrong choice, he or she simply receives no praise and learns from what doesn’t work. In fact, dogs typically learn just as much from getting it wrong, as they do from getting it right.

I like to keep instruction as fun and enjoyable as possible for the dogs in training. We’ll play games to help them pinpoint and learn the skill we have identified as a goal. Dogs like to have fun, too!

3 Ds of Training

Each session will push your dog to higher levels of the 3 Ds outlined below. Growing together through this method will strengthen your relationship and your dog’s skills:


How long can he/she perform the command given?



How far away is your dog when giving the command?


What surrounds the two of you when practicing?

Once the two of you have excelled in the 3 Ds of training, I promise you’ll be confident in any situation you want your dog to obey. From commands at home to walking in the park, you can have the peace of mind that your dog trusts, understands, and listens to you, regardless of the environment.